E-bike solution

Optional E-bike Models

We cooperate with more than 30 famous e-bike manufacturers at home and abroad,can provide you with hundreds of customized E-bike models. We guarantee that all E-bikes are certified to meet industry standards

Sharing e-bike X5

Voltage :48 V  Battery capacity :14 A-20A

Electric motor :350W  high efficiency, permanent magnet motor

Controller: Jinfeng controller 48 V6 tube sine wave, undervoltage 40.5±0.5 V、 current limit value :15±1 A

Brake: front 80 drum brake, rear 110 drum brake

Tire :16*2.125 air solid tire

Shock absorption:250mm double pipe hydraulic rear shock absorption

Optional E-bike Models

The following models can be customized in different colors

Only show some of the models

The mode is flexible

In addition, we also provide smart charging and switching systems to make your sharing E-bike business and E-bike rental business more efficient

E-bike solution-02

Main technical parameters:

Standby power: 4.0W

Input voltage: AC220V/50HZ

Output voltage: AC220V/50HZ

Ambient temperature :-30°C-70°C

Shell Material: Cold rolled sheet

You can increase the number of boxes according to business requirements or carry out your other business, color can be customized

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