High-precision positioning module for the shared bikes — GD-100

Short Description:

The high-precision positioning module (GD-100) is a high-precision positioning accessory suitable for shared central control. It communicates with the shared central control through 485 (serial port) and uploads high-precision positioning information to the central control. This achieves precise positioning of shared electric bicycles and the function of returning to a designated location.

Our smart shared IOT device will provide a more intelligent / convenient / safer cycling experience for your users,meet your shared mobility business needs, and help you to achieve refined operations.

Acceptance: Retail,Wholesale,Regional Agency

Product quality:We have our own factory in China. In order to ensure the stability of product performance, our company strictly monitors and tests the product quality in production to ensure the good quality of products.We will be your most trusted shared IOT device provider!

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Product Detail

Highlights of GD-100:

① Built-in algorithm, low software development workload for the module, and easy docking.

② Supports 485 or serial port communication and can be docked with various types of central control.

③ Supports RTK service to achieve centimeter-level positioning.


Tractor Parameters

Dimension length, width and height:(60.0±0.5)mm×(71.37±0.5)mm×(20.3±0.5)mm
Input voltage range Voltage input:3.8V - 5.5V
Power consumption Normal operation:<22mA@5V Sleep standby:<1uA@5V
Waterproof level IP65 \ V0 level fire prevention
Working temperature - 30 ℃ ~ +70 ℃
Working humidity 0~ 95%

GPS Parameters

Satellite receiving BeiDou:B1I,B2a





Positioning accuracy(RTK) < 1m@CEP95 (Open area)



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