Smart Electric Vehicle Product WP-101

Short Description:

WP-101 is an intelligent IOT for electric bikes. This product integrates the functions of instrument and central control, and can realize the functions of vehicle information display and control by mobile phone.

Product Detail

Self-designed and developed smart electric vehicle product and IoT intelligent control module of electric scooter and E-bikes.With it, users can realize intelligent functions such as control through mobile phone and non-inductive start, helping you to monitor, remotely control and manage the fleet in real time.

Acceptance: Retail,Wholesale,Regional Agency

Product quality:We have our own factory in China. In order to ensure the stability of product performance, our company strictly monitors and tests the product quality in production to ensure the good quality of products.We will be your most trusted Smart Electric Vehicle Product provider!

About smart electric bike IOT device,any inquiries we are happy to reply, pls send your questions and orders.

Functions of smart IOT for electric bikes

Electric bicycle instrument

control by mobile phone

Bluetooth unlocking

Shake detection

A key to start

Electromagnetic induction lock interface


Dimension 164mm×94mm×31.54mm Working Voltage 30V-90V
Waterproof level IP55(Top half) Material ABS+PCV0 fire rating 
Bluetooth receiving sensitivity -90dBm  Working temperature -20 ℃ ~ +70 ℃
Working humidity 20 ~ 85%  Bluetooth version BLE4.1 
Maximum receiving distance 30m, Open area     

Functional Description:

Instrument function Real time display of Electric bicycle speed, power, fault information and light statusReal time detection of electric battery voltage with error less than 0.5VThe communication protocol for communication with the controller is SIF , which receives the speed and fault information reported by the controller.
Output port Provides power to the controller and supports a maximum 2A output.
Switch detection Real time detection of whether the vehicle is powered on
Motor lock Alarm on , when the instrument detects vibration or wheel movement, it will send the motor locking command to the controller, so that the controller can perform the motor locking operation.
433MRemote control (Optional) The remote control can lock, unlock and start the electric bicycle .
Two way communication function(Optiona) The instrument supports 485 UART communication and communication with the controller and BMS. 
Electromagnetic lock interface(Optiona) It can drive 5V-2-core electromagnetic lock, and APP controls to open the electromagnetic lock or touch the key for more than 3s to open the electromagnetic lock;Attention! Opening and closing current of 5V electromagnetic lock shall not exceed 500MA, 5V.
Shake detection The instrument has a vibration sensor. When the electric bicycle is in the alarm on state, the vehicle vibration is detected, and a vibration alarm will be generated, and the buzzer will give an alarm sound.


Connect the power interface of the instrument with the electric bicycle power interface, and connect the interface of the instrument end with the interface of the controller instrument.

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