regulate parking

What we can solve?

Standardizing the parking order of shar-ing e-bikes, and creating a clean andtidy city appearance and a civilized andorderly traffic environment


Making sure the e-bikes are parkingwhiting the designated area, withfaster recognition speed and higherrecognition accuracy


Solutions about regulate parking with Bluetooth road studs

The Bluetooth road studs broadcast specific Bluetooth signals. The IOT device and the APP will search the Bluetooth information, and upload the information to the platform. It can judge that whether the e-bike is in the parking side to let the user return the e-bike within the parking site.The Bluetooth road studs are waterproof and dustproof, with good quality . They’re easy to be installed ,and the maintenance cost is suitable.


Solutions about regulate parking with RFID

Smart IOT +RFID reader+RFID label. Through the RFID wireless near field communication function, accurate positioning of 30-40 cm can be achieved. When the user return the e-bikes, the IOT will detect whether scan the induction belt. If it’s detected, the user can return the e-bike; if it’s not, will notice the user parking in the parking point site . The recognition distance can be adjusted,it's very convenient for the operator.


Solutions about regulate parking with AI camera

Installing a smart camera (with deep learning) under the basket, combine the parking sign line to identify the direction and location of parking. When the user return the e-bike, they need to park the e-bike in the prescribed parking area and the e-bike is allowed to be returned after it is placed vertically on the road. If the e-bike is placed randomly, the user can not return it successfully. It has good compatibility, can be adapted with a lot of sharing e-bikes.