GPS Tracker Model WD-108B

Short Description:

WD-108B is an anti-theft locator terminal product for the automotive finance/battery/electric bikes market,The product is installed inside the car, battery or electric bike,When it is installed in cars and electric bikes . WD-108 is mainly used as a location tracking anti-theft function ,It can control the fuel cut-off and power off of the vehicle . Remotely track and query the historical driving track.This terminal has 4G network communication;GPS real-time positioning ;mobile detection ;anti-theft alarm etc.


Product Detail

Our GPS tracker provides real-time vehicle monitoring and anti-theft functions to ensure the safety of vehicles. Using our GPS tracker, you can better understand the status and location of your fleet to better manage the fleet.

Acceptance: Retail,Wholesale,Regional Agency

Product quality:We have our own factory in China. In order to ensure the stability of product performance, our company strictly monitors and tests the product quality in production to ensure the good quality of products.We will be your most trusted GPS tracker provider!

About GPS tracker for your vehicles,any inquiries we are happy to reply, pls send your questions and orders.

Functions of GPS tracker:

Real-time positioning

Alarm for power off

Alarm for mobile

GPS signal interrupt supplementary transmission

ACC detection

Remote fuel cut-off










Network type

LTE Cat1

Wireless rate

5Mbps up-stream,10Mbps down link


Dimension 79mm×34.4mm×15mm Built-in battery lithium battery,90mAh @4.2V
Input Voltage DC 9-100V Housing material ABS+PCV0 fire protection
Operating current Normal operating mode:30mA @12VNormal sleep mode :5mA @12V Working temperature -20 ℃ ~ +70 ℃
Operating humidity 10 ~ 95 (RH Non-condensing ) SIM card Size:Micro SIM
positioning Support  GPS、Beidou Tracking sensitivity < -165 dBm
Capture sensitivity -148dBm(cold)/-163dBm(hot) Positioning accuracy 10m(open)
Speed accuracy 0.3m/s AGPS Support

TBIT universal 4G GPS tracker products, has more powerful functions and more stable performance. the product can be widely used in vehicle positioning and theft prevention, automotive financial wind control management, enterprise and vehicle fleet management, urban traffic management and other fields.welcome to contact us to learn more.

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