Smart Electric Vehicle Product WD-295

Short Description:

WD-295 is a GPS positioning device for smart e-bike. The device has CAN BUS/UART communication capabilities, 4G LTE-CAT1/CAT4 network remote control, GPS real-time positioning, Bluetooth communication, vibration detection, anti-theft alarm and other functions. The GPS terminal uses LTE and Bluetooth to interact with the background and mobile phone APP to control the e-bike and upload the real-time status of the e-bike to the server.

Product Detail

Self-designed and developed smart electric vehicle product and IoT intelligent control module of electric scooter and E-bikes.With it, users can realize intelligent functions such as control through mobile phone and non-inductive start, helping you to monitor, remotely control and manage the fleet in real time.

Acceptance: Retail,Wholesale,Regional Agency

Product quality:We have our own factory in China. In order to ensure the stability of product performance, our company strictly monitors and tests the product quality in production to ensure the good quality of products.We will be your most trusted Smart Electric Vehicle Product provider!

About smart electric bike IOT device,any inquiries we are happy to reply, pls send your questions and orders.


4G LTE-CAT1 /CAT4 network Remote Control              

Control the e-bike by APP

Smart voice broadcast 

ACC detection    

Keyless start

Burglar alarm

Vibration detection

CAN bus/ UART/485 communication


Unity machine parameters



(111.3.±0.15)mm × (66.8±0.15)mm × (25.9.±0.15)mm

Input voltage range



Waterproof level



Internal battery


Rechargeable lithium battery:3.7V,600mAh

Sheathing material


ABS+PC,V0 fire protection grade

Working temperature


-20 ℃ ~ +70 ℃

Working humidity


20 ~ 95%

SIM Card


Dimensions: Medium card (Micro-SIM card)

Network performance

 Support model



Maximum transmit power



Frequency range










GPS performance



Support GPS,Beidou


Tracking sensitivity


< -162dBm


Start time


Cold start 35s, hot start 2s

Positioning accuracy



Speed accuracy




Base station location  Support, positioning accuracy 200 meters (related to base station density)

Bluetooth Performance

Bluetooth version




Receiving sensitivity




Maximum receiving distance


30 m, open area

Loading Receiving Distance

10-20m, depending on installation environment

 Functional Description


Function list Features
Positioning Real-time positioning
Lock In lock mode, if the terminal detects a vibration signal, wheel motion signal, and ACC  generates a vibration alarm, and when the rotation signal is detected, a rotation alarm is generated.
Unlock In unlock mode,  device won’t detect the vibration, but the wheel   signal and the ACC signal are detected. No alarm will be generated.
433M Remote Support 433 M remote, can adapt to two remotes.
Uploading data in real-time The device and the platform are connected through the network to transmit data in real time.
UART/CAN Through UART/CAN to communication with controller,get controller running state and control.
Vibration detection If there is a vibration, device would send out a vibration alarm, and buzzer speak-out.
Wheel rotation detection The device supports the detection of wheel rotation.When the E-bike is in lock mode, the wheel rotation is detected and the alarm of wheel movement will be generated.At the same time, the e-bike won't be locked when the wheeling signal is detected.
ACC detection The device supports detection of ACC signals. Real-time detection of the vehicle's power-on state.
Lock motor The device send a command to the controller to lock the motor.
Battery lock The device support switch battery lock, lock battery to prevent battery theft
Gyroscope (optional) The device equipped with built-in gyroscope chip, can detect e-bike attitude.
Helmet lock/back wheel lock (optional) Reserved helmet lock circuit,support external joint lock, or rear wheel lock.

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