Bluetooth Road stud BT-102C

Short Description:

TBIT Bluetooth road stud is smart device used for sharing e-bike. It has accurate positioning technology, Bluetooth communication and further-optimized electronic fence positioning technology.

It can be used to provide the government departments for plans and suggestions about sharing e-bike parking area. It’s based on the massive data, which can solve the problems about inaccurate GPS positioning and parking disorder. 

Product Detail

Our smart shared IOT device will provide a more intelligent / convenient / safer cycling experience for your users,meet your shared mobility business needs, and help you to achieve refined operations.

Acceptance: Retail,Wholesale,Regional Agency

Product quality:We have our own factory in China. In order to ensure the stability of product performance, our company strictly monitors and tests the product quality in production to ensure the good quality of products.We will be your most trusted shared IOT device provider!

About sharing scooter iot,any inquiries we are happy to reply, pls send your questions and orders.


-- Parking at fixed points

-- Multiple installation methods

-- OTA upgrade

-- Long standby


Device parameters

Dimension Length, width and height: (118±0.15)mm × (104±0.15)mm ×(22±0.15)mm
Input voltage range Supported broad voltage input: 2.5V-3.3V
Internal battery 3V,4000mAh alkaline battery
Power dissipation <0.1mA
Level about waterproof and dust-proof  IP68, no need to worry about water ingress.
Working temperature -20 ℃~+70 ℃
Working humidity 20~95%


Bluetooth parameters

Bluetooth Version BLE5.0
Receiving sensitivity -97dBm
Bluetooth broadcast distance 1 meter


Functional Description: 

Function list Features
Parking at fixed points  It can accurately limit the parking position of the vehicle to ensure that the vehicle can only be returned within 1 meter of the road stud, and the vehicle is not allowed to return more than 1 meter.
Multiple installation methods
  1. Road studs can be quickly installed with road stud glue, without construction on the road.
  2. Road studs can be installed with expansion screws, which are firm and reliable.
  3. The road studs can be buried in the road, flush with the road surface, and do not obtrusive.
OTA upgrade The road stud firmware can be upgraded through the mobile phone
Long standby After the road stud are installed, they are maintenance-free and can work continuously for 3 years

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