Short Description:

RD-100C is a smart device used to make the sharing e-bikes are parked at fixed parking sides. The device adopts RFID technology, which can realize the function about precise parking.

The accuracy of parking has reached the centimeter level, it effectively solves the pain points of random parking and government management. As an accessory of smart IOT, the device needs to be used together with smart IOT to realize different kinds of functions of sharing e-bikes.

The product is stable and reliable, convenient for construction and after-sales management. Its recognition distance can be flexibly adjusted to meet the needs of different application scenarios.

Product Detail


-- Centimetre parking accuracy

-- OTA upgrade


Device parameters

RFID reader Dimension Length, width and height: 140mm × 100mm ×16mm
Input voltage range Supported wide voltage input: 4.5V-100V
Interface Communication Mode 485 Communications
Power dissipation Normal work :<5mA@48V
Level about waterproof and dust-proof  IP67
Shell materials  ABS+PC, V0 fireproof level


RFID radio frequency performance

Frequency 13.56MHz
Identification distance 0-27cm
Response rate ms grade


Functional Description:

Function list Features
Centimeter parking accuracy The RFID identification distance can be set between 0 and 1 meters, and the identification distance can be set according to the RFID reader installed in different positions of the e-bike to meet the requirements of accurate parking.
OTA upgrade The device can be upgraded remotely.


Installation instructions:

1.Installation instructions about the RFID reader:

The RFID reader needs to be installed on the e-bike. Each e-bike need to be equipped with an RFID reader. The RFID reader is connected to the smart IOT device. The installation location is generally under the e-bike's pedals. The antenna needs to be facing the ground, and there should be no metal shielding directly under it.

2.Installation instructions about the RFID label:

RFID labels can be determined according to the number of the e-bikes can be parked in the parking site, and each location of a e-bike only needs to install an RFID label on the ground directly below the e-bike.

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