Smart IOT For The Sharing Electric Scooter — WD-209

Short Description:

WD-209 is a smart IOT for the sharing E-scooters.The device is equipped with LTE-CATM and GPRS network remote control, GPS real-time positioning, Bluetooth communication, vibration detection, anti-theft alarm and other functions.WD-209 interacts with data from background system and mobile app and can upload real-time status of E-scooters to the server from wireless network and Bluetooth. It also has 3.5-inch IPS screen which can display speed, battery power in real time. It is also equipped with an external camera, which could take photos.

Product Detail


Real time positioning  

Speed display

Battery status

Vibration detection

Remote control

External camera, which can take scene photos

Lamp control

Power off alarm

Wireless communication networks

External electricity detection

Lock motor

Serial communication

Intelligent voice


Unity machine parameters



Length, width and height:(109.78±0.15)mm × (81±0.15)mm × (31.97±0.15)mm

Input voltage range



Waterproof level



 Internal battery


Rechargeable lithium battery:3.7V,600mAh

Sheathing material

ABS+PC,V0 fire protection grade

Working temperature


-20 ℃ ~ +70 ℃

Working humidity


20 ~ 95%

SIM Card


Dimensions: Medium card (Micro-SIM card)

4G module performance

Frequency range


LTE-CAT M1/CAT NB1; EGPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz


Maximum transmit power






-107dBm@Cat M1; -113dBm@Cat NB1




Standby:15mA; Sleep:1.2mA; network connection: 223 mA( average)

 GPS performance



Support GPS,GLONASS,Beidou


Tracking sensitivity


< -157dBm


Starting time


Cold start 31s, hot start 2.7s

Positioning accuracy




Speed accuracy








Bluetooth performance

Bluetooth version




Receiving sensitivity




Maximum receiving distance

30 m, open area

Loading receiving distance

10-20m,depending on installation environment


The device connects the controller, headlight and horn according to the corresponding interface. When the E-scooter battery has electricity, the device will automatically turn on. After the device turn on,the screen display startup interface.The screen goes out after 5 seconds when no one is using it. Inside the device,there are 3 LED indicator lights to indicate whether the terminal function is normal. Because the indicator lamp is inside the device, it must be removed to see, easy to debug and maintain.

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