GPS Tracker Model OBD

Short Description:

OBD tracker has integrate variety of modules, such as GSM/GPRS module, high-precision GPS module and high-performance three-axis gravity sensor, which can detect the current state and position information of the vehicle in the first time, and send it back to the cloud data platform through the wireless communication network for intelligence analyze and judge.

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Product Detail


-- Real time tracking

-- Polygon Geo-fence alarm

-- Small size

-- Track playback

-- Fleet management

-- High Voltage support

--Power off alarm

--Vibration alarm

Installation instructions:

1.Find the position of the OBD interface of the vehicle. The OBD interface is a 16-pin female interface and the interface is a trapezoid.

meids (1)

Note: Different types of vehicles have different positions for the OBD interface. The following figure shows the possible positions of the OBD interface:

meids (3)

A: Above the clutch pedal

B: Above the accelerator pedal

C: In front of the lower gear lever of the center console

D: behind the front gear lever of the armrest box

E: Below the main driver's seat

F: Under the passenger seat

G: Under the glove box of the copilot

2.Connect to the OBD interface of the vehicle , power on automatically


Ensure that the equipment is installed concealed, not easily rubbed, and does not hinder driving.

The installation location must ensure good GPS and GSM signals.

The OBD has an automatic sleep and wake-up function, and the vehicle will automatically enter the sleep state after it is stationary, with low power consumption.


Dimension 57*45*24 mm Weight 50g(NET),85g (GROSS)
Input Voltage 9-36V Power consumption <20mA (working current)
Humidity 20%–95% Operating temperature -20°C to +70°C
GSM frequency band GSM 850/1800 MHz Positioning accuracy 10m
Max working current <250mA(12V) Speed accuracy 0.3m/s
Tracking sensitivity < -160dBm Max transmitting power 1W
TTFF  Cold Start 45S、Hot Start 2S     



K5C Tracker

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