Sharing electric scooters business is developing well in the UK(2)

It’s obvious that sharing e-scooter business is a good chance for the entrepreneur. According to the data shown by the analysis firm Zag, there were more than 18,400 scooters available for hire in 51 urban areas in England as of mid-August, increase nearly 70% from around 11,000 at the beginning of June. At the beginning of June, there were 4 million trips on these scooters. Now that number has almost doubled to nearly eight million, or more than a million trips a month.


There are more than 1 million rides with sharing e-bikes in Bristol and Liverpool in UK. And there are more than 0.5 million rides with sharing e-bikes in Birmingham, Northampton and Nottingham. About London, there are 0.2 million rides with sharing e-bikes. At present, Bristol has 2000 e-bikes,its amount ranks among the top 10% in Europe.

In the Southampton, the amount of sharing scooters has increased about 30 times, from 30 to nearly 1000 since June 1. Towns such as Wellingborough and Corby in Northamptonshire have increased the amount of sharing scooters about 5 times.

Sharing mobility business is very potential, because the business can be run in little bit cities. According to the estimated data, Cambridge, Oxford, York and Newcastle are have great potential to start this business.