Smart e-bikes will be more and more popular in the future

China is the country which has produced most of e-bikes in the world. The national holding quantity is over 350 million. The sales volume of e-bikes in 2020 is about 47.6 million, the number has increased by 23% year-on-year. The average sales amount of e-bikes will reach 57 million within next three years.


E-bikes are important tool for short distance mobility, they are be used in personal mobility/instant delivery/sharing mobility and other fields. The ordinary e-bikes industry has matured and the market scale has grown. The national inventory of the ordinary e-bikes has exceeded 300 million. New industry policy such the new national standard/lithium battery e-bikes industry standards have promoted the replacement of the lithium batteries for lead-acid battery in the e-bikes.

According to survey,it shows us that the number of the female and male rider is similar, the proportion about the riders whose age is under 35 years old is about 32%. The battery and its endurance, the comfort of the seat cushion, the braking performance and the stability of the e-bikes are the main considerations for users when purchasing an e-bike.


Users: More and more ordinary e-bikes have installed smart hardware devices to absorb the young people to use the smart the e-bikes

Technology: The rapid development and application about IOT/automatic drive and other technology has provided the Solid technical foundation for the development of smart e-bikes.
Industry:Competition in the market is intensifying, promoting enterprises to develop high-value smart hardware devices has become an important direction for the development of the e-bike industry.


Smart e-bikes means that use of the IOT/IOV/AI and other technology to let the e-bike can be controlled by Internet. The users can control the e-bikes by their mobile phones to know its real-time positioning location/battery level/speed and so on,

Post time: Jan-26-2022