How to choose a high-quality shared mobility solution company?

In today’s rapidly evolving urban landscapes, shared micro-mobility have emerged as a pivotal force in transforming the way people travel in cities.

 shared micro-mobility

Shared micro-mobility solutions of TBIT designed to optimize operations, enhance user experiences, and pave the way for a more sustainable and accessible urban future.It includes SAAS platform, User APP client, APP operation and maintenance , Smart IOT devices.Together, these components form the backbone of a seamless and intelligent micro-mobility ecosystem, empowering operators to efficiently manage fleets while delivering a superior experience to users.

 shared mobility solution


Shared micro-mobility management platform of TBIT is a set of operating screen, vehicle monitoring, operation configuration, operation statistics, financial statistics, activity management, accounting management, operational management, battery management, civilized cycling management, and other functions in the integration of intelligent management platform, help operators more convenient to manage shared micro-mobility business, realize the intelligent management of the whole process.

User APP client

The user APP provides a one-stop cycling experience. Users can unlock the vehicle riding by scanning the QR code or entering the number. The whole operation is simple and smooth. In the process of cycling, if a temporary stop is needed, you can click the temporary stop to avoid the embarrassing situation of the e-bike or e-scooter being occupied. The APP client also has the navigation function and the parking point route planning function, which effectively reduces the possibility of getting lost.

APP operation and maintenance 

The operation and maintenance APP is a mobile management tool tailored for the operation and maintenance personnel, which facilitates the operation and maintenance personnel to grasp the status of the vehicle in real time, and carries out a series of operation operations, including the operation and maintenance, power changing, dispatching, site management and battery management, which greatly improves the efficiency of the operation and maintenance work of enterprises.

Smart IOT devices

The smart iot device independently developed by us is an intelligent device connecting electric bike / scooter and cloud platform communication, which can also be called the iot device. The product has accurate positioning, stable performance and reliable quality, and has shipped more than 4 million units, providing operation guarantee for the shared micro-mobility business of more than 400 customers around the world.

Post time: Apr-16-2024