European countries encourage people to replace the cars with the electric bicycles

The Economic News Network in Buenos Aires, Argentina has reported that while the world is looking forward to the menacing electric vehicles to surpass traditional internal combustion engine vehicles in 2035, a small-scale battle is quietly emerging.

This battle stems from the development of electric bicycles in many countries around the world. The rapid growth of electric bicycles in recent years, especially since the spread of COVID-19, has taken the auto industry by surprise.

The report stated that the world has become cleaner due to restrictions on transportation, and the economic crisis has forced a large number of workers to lose their jobs and even be forced to give up buying goods such as cars. In this environment, many people are starting to ride bicycles and use electric bicycles as a transportation option, which promotes electric bicycles to become a competitor to cars.

At present, there are many potential users of electric vehicles in the world, but they will be discouraged by the extra cost of electric vehicles. Therefore, many car manufacturers are now asking governments to provide their citizens with more power infrastructure to help citizens use electric vehicles smoothly.

Besides, the report stated that in order to improve the power infrastructure, measures such as the installation of more charging piles are needed. This comes first by producing green or sustainable electricity. These processes can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive. Therefore, many people have turned their attention to electric bicycles, and some countries have even included them in their policies.

Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and other European countries have adopted incentives to encourage people to ride electric bicycles to work. In these countries, citizens receive a bonus of 25 to 30 euro cents per kilometer driven, which is deposited in cash into their bank account weekly, monthly or at the end of the year, without paying taxes.

Citizens of these countries also receive a stipend of 300 euros for the purchase of electric bicycles in some cases, as well as discounts on clothing and bicycle accessories.

The report commented that using electric bicycles to travel has an additional double benefit, one for the cyclist and the other for the city. Cyclists who decide to use this type of transportation to work can improve their physical condition, because cycling is a light exercise that does not require a lot of effort, but it has some health benefits. As far as cities are concerned, e-bikes can relieve traffic pressure and congestion, and reduce traffic flow in cities.

Experts point out that replacing 10% of cars with electric bicycles can reduce traffic flow by 40%. In addition, there is a well-known advantage – if every single-occupant car in a city is replaced by an electric bicycle, it will greatly reduce the amount of pollutants in the environment. This will benefit the world and everyone.

Post time: Mar-21-2022