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Recently, an APP for smart e-bikes have been complaint by consumers . They have bought the smart e-bikes and install the APP mentioned above in their phone and found that they need to pay the annual fee to enjoy the service. They can’t check the status of the e-bike in real time/positioning the location of the e-bike quickly/unlock or lock the e-bike and so on,so they express dissatisfaction with the situation of the APP.

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One of the consumer said that ‘The At the beginning, the merchant advertised their e-bikes as smart e-bikes, so I paid a higher price to purchase it. Until I used it for one year,I found that we need to pay the high annual fee to have the experience about smart e-bike.Otherwise, the bike without any smart function via APP, I’m so disappointed about that.’    

Another one consumer also complaint about it, ‘ I’m really angry about that when I bought the smart e-bike, the merchant has not inform me at that time. Until last Monday, I received a information about that I need to renew by pay 119RMB for two year’

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Without the high service fee, the smart e-bike can’t make the multi functions come true?No, TBIT can provide you better experience about smart e-bike with suitable price. We not only have the relative hardware but also awesome APP, the users can use our products to have multi functions about the e-bike.   

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Post time: Jan-14-2022